Auction Tobacco

Auction Tobacco is sold through the Auction Floor and Premier Tobacco Auction Floors provides a platform where farmers can sell their tobacco directly to merchants and buyers

Contract Tobacco

Our Contract Tobacco services allow for our select farmer to produce and bring the crop to the market without the added  financial stress of procuring inputs. Contract Tobacco is sold in our Contract Floors through off take arrangements and to satisfy export demand and quality

Export Tobacco

Premier Tobacco Auction Floors ( Private) Limited facilitates  and exports  Flu Cured Virgin tobacco to companies around the globe. We have direct access to the market which allows us to obtain the best tobacco grades which suits  our client’s needs. Our tobacco is processed  and packed in Zimbabwe according to our clients specifications and exported anywhere in the world

We supply the following products  based on our  customer’s needs

  • Threshed Lamina/strips
  • Cut-Rag
  • Tobacco Stems
  • Tobacco Fines


Premier Tobacco Auction Floors (Private) Limited provides  warehouse space to various companies  for  their excess storage needs